Masonic Education Magazine

Recommended Masonic Education Magazine written by Freemasons for those Freemasons that are interested in just a “little more” information. This magazine is available in hard copy, digital format and app format. Extremely affordable ($7 per issue and includes shipping if in the U.S.; billed monthly not all at once)  this magazine promises to engage provoking thought and would be a welcome addition to your Masonic Libraries.  If you order the hard copy, you also get the digital copy sent. This month’s (February) issue includes:

  • The Widows Son Motorcycle Association
  • England’s “The Square Magazine”
  • Mason Post Communication Network
  • Book Review of “Symbology”
  • The Da Vinci Code Church
  • Pennsylvania Masonry Rejuvenation
  • Masonic Week 2013 Schedule
  • The 11° Degree of the Scottish Rite
  • 60 Pages of Masonic information and education

masonic education magazine

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