Masonic Education Discussion (July 19, 2012)

What follows is a summary of the discussion from the Open Education Discussion held July 19, 2012.

W. Bro. McIntosh recommended the revised edition of Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia for research and explained that there are many options on the topic of “Symbolism”.  He warned against using outdated research material due to inaccuracies that have recently come to light.  He stated that the most accurate research would be from the last fifteen years.
Bro. D. R. Clark inquired about the actual function of a Marshal in Lodge, specifically whether or not it was the Marshal’s job to keep things running smoothly.
W. Bro. McIntosh responded that the general running of any Lodge falls under the gavel of the Worshipful Master, stating that he will keep things on track.
Bro. D. R. Clark stated that he had been reading William Preston Campbell-Everdeen’s Freemasonry and it’s Etiquette and asked W. Bro. McIntosh if he, in his “traveling”, had seen a Lodge perform multiple degrees in one meeting.

W. Bro. McIntosh stated that he had not, but encouraged the discussion of etiquette in general.  He stated that proper dress is important and meaningful, and poor dress reflects disrespect for the Craft.  Bringing discussion to a close, he also gave several unspoken rules of etiquette that should be observed:

  • No food or beverage in the Lodge.
  • Rise when addressing or being addressed.
  • Address properly (W.M., W’s, and Brethren.. etc)
  • Do not speak until acknowledged.
  • Do not correct brothers during ritual.
  • The Master’s word is to be respected as law.


Recommended Reading:

Recommended Area of Study:

  • Prince Hall Freemasonry

All Master Masons, members or travelers, are invited to attend the Open Education Discussion.  The schedule can be found under the Calendar Tab.

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