Masonic Education Discussion (August 14, 2012)

What follows is a summary of the discussion from the Open Education Discussion held August 14, 2012.

W. Bro. McIntosh opened this month’s discussion in his usual fashion, by asking if anyone had read any good books.

Bro. D. R. Clark replied that he had been reading Freemasonry and it’s Ancient Mystic Rites by C. W. Leadbetter.  He also noted that some of the material therein might be considered controversial inside the Order due to the author’s stance on Co-Masonry.  Bro. Clark advised Bro. J. L. Slater that Co-Masonry is a Lodge consisting of men and women.

W. Bro. McIntosh responded that every Mason should examine his own feelings on the subject of Co-Masonry.  He also spoke briefly of a particular woman, the Past Grand Master of either a Co-Masonic Lodge or all female Lodge, who has been performing some of the most interesting and fact-finding Masonic Research.

W. Bro. McIntosh expanded the topic of discussion to the universality of Freemasonry.  Stating that as Freemasons we should ignore race, creed, and religion with regard to brothers, potential or otherwise.  He used Prince Hall Lodges as an example of the universality of the Craft, stating that they were originally initiated by the United Grand Lodge of England but later dropped for an unknown reason.  He stated that it would not be until the late 20th Century that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts would extend affiliation to these Lodges.  A thought provoking discussion regarding Exclusive Jurisdiction and it’s effects on Prince Hall Freemasonry.  W. Bro. McIntosh expanded his earlier statement and advised that every Mason should examine his own feelings regarding the universality of Freemasonry.

(Our apologies, but the final segment of discussion must be vague as it regards ritual specifics.)
Bro. J. L. Slater inquired regarding specific wording in the 1st and 2nd degrees.
Bro. D. R. Clark responded that he had the same question days previous and had resolved that the specific wording could have resulted from basic grammatical syntax.
W. Bro. McIntosh replied that grammatical syntax could be one reason, but suggested that the specific wording could have resulted from the Morgan Affair (1826) and the consequential Anti-Masonry movement.  He stated that this movement inspired many changes to degree work.

Recommended Area of Study:

  • The Morgan Affair

All Master Masons, members or travelers, are invited to attend the Open Education Discussion.  The schedule can be found under the Calendar Tab.

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