The Masonic Fraternity is one of the most charitable organizations in the world. In the United States alone the Fraternity donates between $3-4 million a day, which is in excess of $1 billion  a year. Every penny of that charity originates solely from the generosity of our members, through both their direct contributions, as well as from the return on investments from their past contributions.

This charity is wide spread, and takes many forms. Masonic charity can be seen in local communities helping small organizations and private individuals, in addition to supporting larger endeavors, such as the Shriner’s Burns Hospitals or the Scottish Rite Learning Centers for Dyslexic Children. Despite the scope of their benevolent activities, Masons do not seek publicity for their charitable work. Masons do their work quietly; they do not expect any thank you for doing the right thing. But if someone is in need, and the Fraternity can help, they do. Feel free to follow the following links:

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