The following Brethren were  appointed to serve in the respective Committee positions for 2020:


Charity Committee(R) Audit Committee(R) Visitation Committee(R)
Albert S. Dunton, SW * Michael L. Lankford, PM^ Michael E. ELLIS, PM*
Toby Lillard, PM Albert S. Dunton, SW Larry C. Alford, PM
Jose Costaroca Doyle R. Clark, II David N. Sweatt, PM
Conduct Committee(R) Budget & Finance Committee(R) By-Laws Committee
Larry C. Alford, PM* Albert S. Dunton. SW Michael E. Ellis, PM*
Doyle R. Clark, II, JW Doyle R. Clark, II, JW Albert S. Dunton, SW
David N. Sweatt, PM Gregory K. Rutledge, Trea. Charles L. Griffin, PM
Education Committee(R) Interview Committee (R)**
Doyle R. Clark, II* Charles L. Griffin, PM*
Steve Singleton Joel R. Andalon, PM
Charles L. Griffin, PM Aaron C. Daniels
(R) Denotes per By-Laws
(*) Denotes Chairman
(**) For Interview Committee, they will always be comprised of at least 1 Past Master
***The Worshipful Master is ex-officio of all committees.


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